Hydro-Ban Tiled Shower in La Cresta/Temecula, CA

Just wanted to do a blog post about another waterproofing system that we use on our steam showers. Hydro-Ban waterproofing is made by the company Laticrete. This a great load bearing waterproofing that can be applied over cement board or a cement floated shower. We prefer the cement floated  method and this combination makes for an absolutely fabulous shower. I usually use this system on showers with radius seats or walls. Liquid applied membranes were made for this in my opinion. Here are some pictures of the step by step progress from the studs to a water-proof shower ready for the tile installation.

Tile and Tile Design was done by Different By Design in Murrieta, CA.  Great local place that has a bunch of different tiles to choose from.

Super Bowl Sunday

Well the Super Bowl of 2010 is here and it’s the Saints and the Colts. I’m kind of leaning toward that Saints just because I still think the Chargers should have kept Brees. Sad thing is because I am dedicated to my customer’s and to my Projects I will be working on Sunday because of a deadline that we have. But hopefully will make it in time to see some of the game.

So for those that will be partaking in some Super Bowl Parties please be safe and don’t drink and drive. My family will be on the road as well as many others.


Fiberglass Pan Replacement in Temecula,CA by CDC

About six months ago we looked at a job for a couple who had a fiberglass pan that was leaking. So after some tracking down by the homeowner of the tiles we finally have repaired the leaking pan for them. We tore out the old fiberglass pan and made it a tile shower pan. I’m gonna post some pics of the progress from beginning to end of the project.

Chad from Chad Deiter Company

White Subway Tile Repair and Upgrade in Temecula,CA by Chad Deiter Company

Here at Chad Deiter Company we recently got a call from a homeowner that had some tile work done when he moved into his house. Our company did not do the original tile work but he was referred to us from a local tile store. So we took a look at it and came up with a plan of what we could to make this shower the way the homeowner wanted it to be. Below are the steps of what it took to get the job to finished.

Step 1. This involved cutting the existing grout joints and removing all the old tile and thin set all the way down to the cemented walls. This is a very tedious process but it has to be done to ensure that the new tile is flat.

Step 2. This was the tiling step. Chad Deiter Company went ahead and re-tiled a portion of the 3×6 sub way tile and the added a nicer 6×6 diagonal border at eye level.

The homeowner also had us re-tile the shower pan because the original was white and he wanted something a little easier maintenance wise.

Step 3. Finally all the tiling was complete we just had to grout everything up.

I wanted to do this write up because sometimes you feel that your stuck with what you have and think that it’s gonna be really expensive to spruce up your existing shower.  Honestly it is tricky but it can be done. Just look at the difference Chad Deiter Company made for this homeowners Master Shower in just a day and a half.

Chad’s Favorite Tile Installation Products ?

When I can use the product that I want to and nothing is spec’d out from the architect or designer. I choose to use Laticrete products for my installs. Laticrete makes a variety of top notch tile products.

The best thing about Laticrete is their Research and Development department that does all the necessary testing before products go into the field. This is different than some other companies in the industry that just put their products into the field and when they have problems the just recall them then. Laticrete is not that kind of company and I have personally talked to several Sales Reps and even the Owners about their vision of the tile industry.

So whether you choose Laticrete Thin-sets , Spectra Lock Grouts or their awesome Waterproofing Membranes you can be assured that the time has been put in to give you the best product that Laticrete can offer.

Take care ,      Laticrete Logo

Chad’s 5 Top Reasons to choose Tile !!

So why would you pick tile?       Here’s 5 reasons why tile is a good choice.

1. Durability : Tile is more durable than both carpet and wood flooring . Making it a superior choice for high traffic areas.

2. Selection : There are countless color and design options when tile is picked. There is also a range of quality options and layouts which can affect the price point for your project.

3. Versatility : Tile is a versatile medium it can be used on floors,walls ,ceilings and everything in between. So if you want the counter top and the floor to match or even be the same it’s no problem.

4. Designable : There are virtually thousands of accents, liners , dots etc. that can be added to the field tile to make the final product your own. So you let your inner designer come out and put some personal touches into your tile project.

5. Repairable : This is by far the best thing about tile. If you damage a tile in the middle of the floor it can be replaced so you wouldn’t even know it ever happened. Try that with a carpet stain !

Chad D.

Roll In Shower in Fallbrook, CA by Chad Deiter Company

I recently completed a roll in shower for an elderly couple here in Fallbrook ,CA. I am going to briefly explain the process to get this project done.

Step 1 . Removed the old handicap fiberglass enclosure all the way down to the studs.
Step 2. Cut floor joists down 2″ to allow for proper drainage to shower drain. We might have to sister joists to ensure the correct strength. Also added 3/4″ plywood back to the floor as a base for cement.
Step 3. Dry-walled all shower walls after shimming and planing of the studs was complete.
Step 4. Floated the shower pan with dry-pack cement to achieve the proper slope to the Schluter Shower Drain.
Step 5. Installed Schluter Kerdi on new dry-wall and the floated shower pan. This ensures a watertight shower from the pan all the way to the shower head. Must do all corners and shower pan corners are doubled up.
Step 6. Installed the tile and grouted up the shower and floor.

And that’s it now the homeowners have a completely waterproof beautiful roll in shower to use for years to come.


Proper Places for Travertine

tumbled travertine shower

tumbled travertine shower

I am often asked where Travertine should be used and where it shouldn’t. In my opinion the best places to use Travertine are Showers , Wainscott’s , Fireplaces and Countertops. It also can be used on floors. Personally I prefer porcelain in high traffic areas, just because Travertine is a Natural Stone and is less durable than Porcelain. Shown above is a Master Bathroom in which Travertine was used.

Here’s a link to a Arizona Tile that sells both Travertine and Porcelain in my area.

Arizona Tile

Chad Deiter

Temecula Tile Installation and Remodeling

Chad and Jen of Chad Deiter CompanyWe would like to welcome you to our company website! Please take a few minutes and browse around our new site and check out our new look. This is our first blog post as an introduction of sorts. If you have any questions at all please feel free to give us a call or contact us through our site.

My name is Chad Deiter and my company Chad Deiter Company is here for all the tile needs you could ever have. We tile floors, showers, kitchens, BBQ’s, and wainscots. Anything you would like to upgrade with tile.

While building showers I use the traditional mud shower techniques but have also started incorporating the Schluter Kerdi Shower System into my jobs as well as use the newer liquid waterproofing membranes that are available. If you have not heard of or researched the Schluter system I would urge you to take a moment or two to do so. The details can be found on Schluter’s website here.

This system utilizes Schluter Kerdi membrane that is thin-set to your backing substrate and overlapped at the seams. This provides the most watertight shower I have ever come across. And because the membrane is installed directly behind the tile installation the shower will dry out every time between uses.

We look forward to continuing relationships with our past customers and  creating new relationships with our future clients. As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for visiting and please return often for the latest updates.