Chad’s Favorite Tile Installation Products ?

When I can use the product that I want to and nothing is spec’d out from the architect or designer. I choose to use Laticrete products for my installs. Laticrete makes a variety of top notch tile products.

The best thing about Laticrete is their Research and Development department that does all the necessary testing before products go into the field. This is different than some other companies in the industry that just put their products into the field and when they have problems the just recall them then. Laticrete is not that kind of company and I have personally talked to several Sales Reps and even the Owners about their vision of the tile industry.

So whether you choose Laticrete Thin-sets , Spectra Lock Grouts or their awesome Waterproofing Membranes you can be assured that the time has been put in to give you the best product that Laticrete can offer.

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1 thought on “Chad’s Favorite Tile Installation Products ?

  1. Henry Rothberg


    Very well stated. And my compliments to you and your strong commitment to doing the best possible tile or stone installation with the best quality skilled labor available and the best quality & performance installation materials.

    A bonus for your clients is that when you install tile or stone on your client’s project with Laticrete premium mortars & grouts their tile & stone work is covered by a lifetime warranty

    It is good to see that you recommend Laticrete HydroBan waterproof membranes for all tile & stone wet area installations to prevent leaks as well as mold & mildew problems.

    And that you recommend & feature SpectraLOCK, the “Stainless Grout” that never needs sealing.

    Something that all of your clients should know and appreciate – Laticrete products include MicroBan to reduce mold & mildew problems.

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