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Chad’s 5 Top Reasons to choose Tile !!

So why would you pick tile?       Here’s 5 reasons why tile is a good choice.

1. Durability : Tile is more durable than both carpet and wood flooring . Making it a superior choice for high traffic areas.

2. Selection : There are countless color and design options when tile is picked. There is also a range of quality options and layouts which can affect the price point for your project.

3. Versatility : Tile is a versatile medium it can be used on floors,walls ,ceilings and everything in between. So if you want the counter top and the floor to match or even be the same it’s no problem.

4. Designable : There are virtually thousands of accents, liners , dots etc. that can be added to the field tile to make the final product your own. So you let your inner designer come out and put some personal touches into your tile project.

5. Repairable : This is by far the best thing about tile. If you damage a tile in the middle of the floor it can be replaced so you wouldn’t even know it ever happened. Try that with a carpet stain !

Chad D.