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Chad Deiter Company’s latest Thin Stone Veneer Fireplace in Menifee

About three weeks ago we got a call from a customer in Temecula, CA that was going to be remodeling her fireplace and wanted Chad Deiter Construction to bid on it. So we went out and took a look at the project and found out that she wanted to do some stone veneer on this new fireplace. Now keep in mind that the average fireplace is roughly 15-30sqft. This one was 95sqft and I wanted to do the job from the minute I first looked at it. The fireplace as you can see from the pictures had a very different style to it and I knew that with the stone veneer it was going to be beautiful.

So after a couple of weeks I got the go ahead for the fireplace and I started getting the material list together and ordering the El Dorado Stacked Stone in the Alderwood color from RCP Block and Brick in Murrieta, CA. This is a great place for masonry supplies and has a lot to choose from in the way of brick and stone veneer.  Matter of fact even being that I’m a tile contractor here in Temecula and I don’t deal with them on a daily basis. They have always been helpful and provided me competitive pricing.

We decided because all of the other bids were for cement board I would bid it that way too. I usually have in the past always done my Stone Veneer on a lath and scratch coat. But for this job I decided I would use Laticrete International’s new MVIS. This is the first that I know of full system for stone veneer installation and provides a 15-20 year warranty. Although the technical aspects are a little different from inside to outside the system still incorporates an innovative thin set that has been designed for the stone veneer and brick veneer.

First step in the installation was tearing out the old brick hearth and fireplace surround. For this I used my Makita HK1810 Tile Scraper which works great. Once that was taken apart I went ahead and installed all the marble for the hearth and the three ledges on the left hand side. Everything that was going to be either stone veneer or marble was first covered with Hardi Backer Board and all the seams were taped and thin-setted. This creates a monolithic structure that will hold the stone veneer for years to come.

This type of manufactured stone is fairly straight forward. It does take some knowledge to make sure that the joints aren’t repeating and that the stone comes out looking as real as possible. Basically it’s just time consuming and you can usually only expect get about 60sqft. installed inside in a day. That number can double if the stone veneer is being installed outside.  Since we were using Laticrete’s new MVIS I had got the Masonry Veneer Mortar for the job and that’s what was being used. Great mortar and gives excellent adhesion to the stone veneer. I was very impressed with the feel and usability of the MVM also. This masonry veneer mortar is also non-sag and I’m sure would be great for using with Brick Veneer.

Once all of the stacked stone was installed and dry we grouted up the honed marbled with some non-sanded Winter Gray grout. Because this is a stacked stone there was no need to grout in between all the rocks only the two sides and around the fireplace insert.

Stone Veneer is a very good choice for upgrading both interior and exterior focal points of a home. It also has increasingly become more and more popular in the last few years. Not only can Chad Deiter Company provide all of you tile needs. We can also install stone veneer on outside columns , inside-outside fireplaces, interior-exterior walls and anywhere else that you decide it will increase the wow factor in your home.

Chad’s Favorite Tile Installation Products ?

When I can use the product that I want to and nothing is spec’d out from the architect or designer. I choose to use Laticrete products for my installs. Laticrete makes a variety of top notch tile products.

The best thing about Laticrete is their Research and Development department that does all the necessary testing before products go into the field. This is different than some other companies in the industry that just put their products into the field and when they have problems the just recall them then. Laticrete is not that kind of company and I have personally talked to several Sales Reps and even the Owners about their vision of the tile industry.

So whether you choose Laticrete Thin-sets , Spectra Lock Grouts or their awesome Waterproofing Membranes you can be assured that the time has been put in to give you the best product that Laticrete can offer.

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