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Chad Deiter Company Installs Brick Veneer – Thin Brick in Temecula , CA

Recently about three weeks ago I got a call from a home owner that was having some issues with the tile being installed in his house. Now I’m not gonna down talk the installers work because to be honest it was pretty good. The problem I think stemmed from the communication not being there between the installer and the homeowner. So in turn the homeowner’s weren’t getting what they wanted. So anyway long story short I looked at a few things in the house put together some numbers and ultimately did the job for them. Now they are happy as can be and ready for paint and to move in.

So backĀ  to what this blog was about. Part of the project was brick fireplace in the family room. Originally supposed to be real brick but when I talked with them I realized that’s not what they really wanted. So we had the bricks cut down to veneers and went ahead and installed it.

First step in the process after the carpenters framed it out. Was to cement board the framing and tape the joints with mesh tape. Mesh tape insures that the structure is sound and will not crack through to the brick later on.

Second step was the installation of the brick. I use a modified thinset but this isn’t necessary for brick. The thin set I used for the brick was Laticrete 252 gray. I really like this stuff and it’s reasonably priced also.

Third and final step was just to grout bag the fireplace with Type-S brick mortar and strike the joints with a joint tool. You do this step with a grout bag kind of like the ones they use in cake making but much stronger. After the cement is bagged in you have to let the spec-mix set up quite a bit before you can tool the joints. Dry enough that when you put your thumb into it the cement the thumb print stays but nothing sticks to your thumb. Takes some getting used to but when it’s done right the stuff that falls out during the striking can just be swept off without staining the rest of the bricks.

So that’s the basics of it and as always if your interested in any tile work just fill out the contact form and we will be in contact. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post.