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12×12 Ankara Tumbled Stone Kerdi Shower in Murrieta

On this project Chad Deiter Company had already met with the homeowners and got an idea of the materials that they wanted to use for their master shower project. They had recently seen the Slate Rimini Pattern at Arizona Tile in San Marcos, CA and loved it. I suggested the 12×12 Ankara Tumbled Marble to match the existing marble flooring. After a few days went by and  everything was picked out. I made the computer rendering for the job with the 12×12 tumble stone for the shower walls and a liner in the shower, tub splash and counter top backsplash.

Being that this was going to be a Schluter Kerdi Shower the first step was having the existing shower walls tore out all the way down to the studs. After that was finished I came in and started laying out the shower and the inset niche. Knowing that the liner had a 4” row of the Rimini and a Rope Liner on top I knew that the total was 5”. So I framed in the inset niche so it would be right under the liner just like I wanted it to be. Here at Chad Deiter Construction we pride ourselves on shower layout and incorporate the Golden Ratio to make that our showers are appealing to the eye.

Once all of the framing had been shimmed and planed flat we dry walled the shower and began installing the Kerdi Shower Kit from Schluter.  I’ve said this before but this system is one of my top rated as far as shower waterproofing systems go. I really like the fact that the waterproofing is directly behind the tile as opposed to the older ways where the waterproofing is behind a mud floated wall. We still float some showers but it depends on the budget of the project and the tile selection.

With the Kerdi Shower Kit installed we were ready to start tiling. One other plus to this system is that tile can be installed right away no need to wait the 24 hours like some of the other waterproofing systems that are available. When I had figured out the tile I knew that I had to have full tile on the tub deck from the outside corner both down and inside. So that was the control to how the tile was going to layout. I went ahead and started setting the Tumbled Stone (very popular here in the Temecula Valley )with Laticrete 252 thin set. Starting on the back shower wall and working my way around and up to the liner. Once the field tile was set up to the desired height it was leveled and the Tumbled Slate Rimini and Rope liner was installed. This liner had to dry overnight and the next day we could finish the last two rows of the shower walls. As you can see by the picture’s the niche ended up right where it should be and is very functional and clean.

The shower pan was fairly straight forward since the Slate Rimini is on 12×12 sheets and the Kerdi Drain had a 4” grate on it there’s not much you can change with the shower pan layout. That was tiled and grouted prior to the very bottom wall tiles to be installed.

After all the tile has been installed and had set overnight we grouted the shower walls and shower pan with Custom Building Products Linen Sanded grout. The grout color had already been decided by the homeowner’s and the designer over at Arizona Tile in San Marcos,CA.

After the grouted shower had dried out for a couple days it was time to seal the Tumbled Stone and grout. I prefer the Miracle Sealants 511 sealer. I use both their regular sealers and enhancing sealers.