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Temecula Kerdi Shower Membrane Install by Chad Deiter Company

We just finished up the tiling of a Schluter Kerdi Tub Surround in the Temecula Wine Country. The Kerdi Shower System is a great waterproofing system that has been developed for tile guys and gals to use. It incorporates a specialized floor drain and a polyethylene sheet membrane that is installed over the chosen substrate i.e. drywall, cement board or a cement floated shower wall /shower pan. Contrary to popular belief the drywall in this case is the suggested substrate since the membrane adheres really well to it. Plus with the membrane installed no moisture at all even steam can penetrate it.   All the corners are addressed with Kerdi-Band which is basically the same just a little thinner to limit the amount of build up than comes from the 2 inch overlapping that is required while doing the walls and shower pan.

For this project the Drywall was already in place so that’s what we used as the substrate. We used 100% silicone to seal the joint between the tub and the drywall prior to the Kerdi Membrane being installed. That connection point between the two is the most important in a tub surround shower.

After the membrane we installed all the tumbled marbled along with some nice Spanish Style inserts that we got from Different by Design located here in the Temecula Valley. All the rest of the tile came from Arizona Tile also in Murrieta, CA. After all the 12×12 tumbled marble were set with a Laticrete 252 a slightly modified thin set it was all grouted with Custom’s Linen Sanded grout. Then after letting the shower and floor grout dry out a couple of days it was sealed with Miracle’s 511 Sealer.

There you have a completely waterproof shower that will be beautiful for decades to come until someone wants to upgrade or remodel the next time.

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