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Chad Deiter Company and John Heller Construction team up in Palm Desert.

This past month I have been working in Palm Desert off of Monterey Avenue. The project was an attached home remodel. I got involved with the project through a General Contractor I know out of Fallbrook. John Heller Construction and Chad Deiter Company do a lot of projects together. But this time I got to work with Marsha Weaver Designs out of Temecula, CA whom I hadn’t worked with in a while. It was great to work with Marsha again and the end result came out great. The place looks fantastic and has the Tommy Bahama style she was going for.

On this project we had a Master Bathroom and three smaller floors. We installed tile in the entry, guest bathroom, laundry and the kitchen.  As well as a nice glass back splash in the kitchen. All of which was purchased out the Arizona Tile in Palm Desert.

First project was the Kerdi System Master Shower which we tiled with Ankara 12×12 as well as a design in the back wall incorporating this new pebble rock that Arizona Tile is carrying. We also took advantage of the Ogee and the Rope Liner that they have available in the Ankara as well. The design in the back wall was completed by cutting down the 12” tile into 6 1/8” for the inside area. This dimension is perfect to achieve full tile everywhere top and bottom as well as side to side. This is very often a place where installers will just put up a 6” not even trying to make the inside full tile. One of things Chad Deiter Construction shoots for is the best layouts possible for the tile designs. And we achieved that on this shower.

Second projects were the guest bathroom floor and the master bathroom floor both tiled with the 18”x18” Ankara. The master floor was just a straight laid floor. But the guest floor was Ankara on a Diagonal with random dots. The dots came from a place in town that makes them called Landmark. These were the resin type and are usually much more cost effective than the real metal ones.

When those two floors were done we went on to tiling the kitchen, entry and the laundry flooring. These all were installed with Cortona Saio 18”x18”. The kitchen and the Laundry were both straight. The entry was on a diagonal but was a fairly small area anyway and needed something different.

Now that these were all completed were started to work on the backsplashes for this project with the first one being the master bathroom. This one was neat and kind of different. After talking with Marsha about the design look that she was after we decided to have the granite installers leave a gap of 2” in between the counter top and the back splash while installing only a 3” Granite Slab back splash. Chad Deiter Company later came in and installed the river rock mosaic in the gap to complete the look that she wanted. I have got to say this was different but turned out very neat and I am looking forward to using this technique on more projects with different materials for the inlays.

The final project of the job was the Kitchen Back Splash. The Cambria countertop had recently been installed and it was time for Chad Deiter Company to install the glass 3×6 and 1×1 mosaics. For this back splash I went with the Custom Mega Lite thin set which offers both non-sag capabilities and has the proper Flex additive needed for a glass tile installation. I have to say that I was impressed by the stuff it worked exactly how it was supposed to and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of the back splash.

After everything had cured and dried a couple days we went back grouted all the work with Laticrete Permacolor Grout. Honestly this is my go to grout and love the color constancy it dries to.

Well that’s all from Palm Desert on this one. Maybe another one will come up soon it was a nice place to work. 🙂