Roll In Shower in Fallbrook, CA by Chad Deiter Company

I recently completed a roll in shower for an elderly couple here in Fallbrook ,CA. I am going to briefly explain the process to get this project done.

Step 1 . Removed the old handicap fiberglass enclosure all the way down to the studs.
Step 2. Cut floor joists down 2″ to allow for proper drainage to shower drain. We might have to sister joists to ensure the correct strength. Also added 3/4″ plywood back to the floor as a base for cement.
Step 3. Dry-walled all shower walls after shimming and planing of the studs was complete.
Step 4. Floated the shower pan with dry-pack cement to achieve the proper slope to the Schluter Shower Drain.
Step 5. Installed Schluter Kerdi on new dry-wall and the floated shower pan. This ensures a watertight shower from the pan all the way to the shower head. Must do all corners and shower pan corners are doubled up.
Step 6. Installed the tile and grouted up the shower and floor.

And that’s it now the homeowners have a completely waterproof beautiful roll in shower to use for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Roll In Shower in Fallbrook, CA by Chad Deiter Company

  1. Chad Post author

    Thanks Brian,
    It definitely was gratifying to help them out. I gotta say I hope that they never need it ; but it’s ready if they do.

    If anyone needs a Tile Contractor/Installer in the Tampa, Florida area give Brian at Ceramictec a call .

  2. Ceramictec

    That’s a great thing when you can make an elderly customer happy with a curb less shower. we do a lot of barrier free showers here in Florida and use Kerdi or HydroBan.
    We have some homes built or a joist/plywood sub floor but most of our homes are on slab.

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