Hydro-Ban Tiled Shower in La Cresta/Temecula, CA

Just wanted to do a blog post about another waterproofing system that we use on our steam showers. Hydro-Ban waterproofing is made by the company Laticrete. This a great load bearing waterproofing that can be applied over cement board or a cement floated shower. We prefer the cement floated  method and this combination makes for an absolutely fabulous shower. I usually use this system on showers with radius seats or walls. Liquid applied membranes were made for this in my opinion. Here are some pictures of the step by step progress from the studs to a water-proof shower ready for the tile installation.

Tile and Tile Design was done by Different By Design in Murrieta, CA.  Great local place that has a bunch of different tiles to choose from.

2 thoughts on “Hydro-Ban Tiled Shower in La Cresta/Temecula, CA

  1. Cathy & Cornell Pogorzelski

    Dear Chad: We are admiring your work on here from afar, in NJ and getting some design ideas. My husband is doing all the work in bare room (building from framing tub/shower, etc.) We have seen some great glass tile 12″x12″ that I’d like to cut into 6-2″ strips to acccent just a bit around the soffit/ceiling, creating our custom border but it is thinner than ceramic tile. We are aware that it takes a no-sand grout and a different material to adhere to the backerboard. Do you think this is feasible at ceiling level, ie: some moisture can accumulate but not totally splashed on this glass tiled surface. I did see some pieces of a foam material that looked like it would be used to take up the space. Do you think this is a good idea? I would appreciate any input at your leisure ( as if you have leisure time!)
    Also,do you have any product input on the no-sand grout and adherement materials?
    Thanks! Cathy Pogorzelski
    PS: Husband is union carpenter who has done it all! THAT WINDOW IS MAGNIFICENT!!!

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