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Chad Deiter Company and John Heller Construction team up in Palm Desert.

This past month I have been working in Palm Desert off of Monterey Avenue. The project was an attached home remodel. I got involved with the project through a General Contractor I know out of Fallbrook. John Heller Construction and Chad Deiter Company do a lot of projects together. But this time I got to work with Marsha Weaver Designs out of Temecula, CA whom I hadn’t worked with in a while. It was great to work with Marsha again and the end result came out great. The place looks fantastic and has the Tommy Bahama style she was going for.

On this project we had a Master Bathroom and three smaller floors. We installed tile in the entry, guest bathroom, laundry and the kitchen.  As well as a nice glass back splash in the kitchen. All of which was purchased out the Arizona Tile in Palm Desert.

First project was the Kerdi System Master Shower which we tiled with Ankara 12×12 as well as a design in the back wall incorporating this new pebble rock that Arizona Tile is carrying. We also took advantage of the Ogee and the Rope Liner that they have available in the Ankara as well. The design in the back wall was completed by cutting down the 12” tile into 6 1/8” for the inside area. This dimension is perfect to achieve full tile everywhere top and bottom as well as side to side. This is very often a place where installers will just put up a 6” not even trying to make the inside full tile. One of things Chad Deiter Construction shoots for is the best layouts possible for the tile designs. And we achieved that on this shower.

Second projects were the guest bathroom floor and the master bathroom floor both tiled with the 18”x18” Ankara. The master floor was just a straight laid floor. But the guest floor was Ankara on a Diagonal with random dots. The dots came from a place in town that makes them called Landmark. These were the resin type and are usually much more cost effective than the real metal ones.

When those two floors were done we went on to tiling the kitchen, entry and the laundry flooring. These all were installed with Cortona Saio 18”x18”. The kitchen and the Laundry were both straight. The entry was on a diagonal but was a fairly small area anyway and needed something different.

Now that these were all completed were started to work on the backsplashes for this project with the first one being the master bathroom. This one was neat and kind of different. After talking with Marsha about the design look that she was after we decided to have the granite installers leave a gap of 2” in between the counter top and the back splash while installing only a 3” Granite Slab back splash. Chad Deiter Company later came in and installed the river rock mosaic in the gap to complete the look that she wanted. I have got to say this was different but turned out very neat and I am looking forward to using this technique on more projects with different materials for the inlays.

The final project of the job was the Kitchen Back Splash. The Cambria countertop had recently been installed and it was time for Chad Deiter Company to install the glass 3×6 and 1×1 mosaics. For this back splash I went with the Custom Mega Lite thin set which offers both non-sag capabilities and has the proper Flex additive needed for a glass tile installation. I have to say that I was impressed by the stuff it worked exactly how it was supposed to and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of the back splash.

After everything had cured and dried a couple days we went back grouted all the work with Laticrete Permacolor Grout. Honestly this is my go to grout and love the color constancy it dries to.

Well that’s all from Palm Desert on this one. Maybe another one will come up soon it was a nice place to work. 🙂

Temecula Kerdi Shower Membrane Install by Chad Deiter Company

We just finished up the tiling of a Schluter Kerdi Tub Surround in the Temecula Wine Country. The Kerdi Shower System is a great waterproofing system that has been developed for tile guys and gals to use. It incorporates a specialized floor drain and a polyethylene sheet membrane that is installed over the chosen substrate i.e. drywall, cement board or a cement floated shower wall /shower pan. Contrary to popular belief the drywall in this case is the suggested substrate since the membrane adheres really well to it. Plus with the membrane installed no moisture at all even steam can penetrate it.   All the corners are addressed with Kerdi-Band which is basically the same just a little thinner to limit the amount of build up than comes from the 2 inch overlapping that is required while doing the walls and shower pan.

For this project the Drywall was already in place so that’s what we used as the substrate. We used 100% silicone to seal the joint between the tub and the drywall prior to the Kerdi Membrane being installed. That connection point between the two is the most important in a tub surround shower.

After the membrane we installed all the tumbled marbled along with some nice Spanish Style inserts that we got from Different by Design located here in the Temecula Valley. All the rest of the tile came from Arizona Tile also in Murrieta, CA. After all the 12×12 tumbled marble were set with a Laticrete 252 a slightly modified thin set it was all grouted with Custom’s Linen Sanded grout. Then after letting the shower and floor grout dry out a couple of days it was sealed with Miracle’s 511 Sealer.

There you have a completely waterproof shower that will be beautiful for decades to come until someone wants to upgrade or remodel the next time.

Take Care,


I’m a Tile Guy !

In the past few months I have been asked to match prices by some customers who have received tile quotes from Craigslist or The Penny Saver. Seems like everyone now a days in construction is doing everything under the sun. I would urge everyone to check out the people they hire for home improvement projects. Whether it’s in Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, Riverside or even Los Angeles. There is a lot of liability that goes with the work that a licensed contractor does and the ones that are good at their trade charge money for it.

I specialize in tile and love what I can do with it. I’m not a plumber, electrician or handyman that has just recently talked someone into letting them tile a shower. I have built a reputation in the town of Temecula for quality tile work and excellent customer service. These are the things important to my Builders, Customers, those who I work with and me.

Things you can check :

1. Do they have the license if required in the state you want work done ?

2. Google , Yahoo, MSN pick your poison but make sure they are checked out. Keep in mind you are letting them into your home.

3. References are a must and they should be asked for. These can offer an insight into the quality of work and customer service they can provide.

Chad from Chad Deiter Company

Chad Deiter Company installs a Hirsch Glass Backsplash in Murrieta, CA

Here’s a quick blog post on a recent back splash Chad Deiter Company did in Murrieta, CA. Thanks to Different By Design of Murrieta, CA for finding and getting the materials on the job for us.

The original backsplash was just a normal granite 6″ and full splash behind the stove that matched  the counter top. We tore that out and patched the drywall back to nice and flat.  Installed the Hirsch Silhouette Glass then grouted it with Hydroment Latte grout. It really turned out great what a difference a couple of days made to this kitchen. Just like always a happy homeowner makes me a happy man. Another nice glass backsplash in the Temecula Valley complete.

Chad Deiter Company does all kinds of back splashes some basic 6×6 Tumbled Marble. Some not so basic with glass mosaic or filled and honed marble mosaic. I enjoy all of them and the design challenges they bring.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Tumbled Alexandria Stone Back Splash in Murrieta,CA

Chad Deiter Company just finished being part of a complete kitchen remodel. The homeowners had water damage in the kitchen so everything had to be replaced. New Cabinets, Paint, Drywall, Carpet. Only the Granite and Tile was contracted from Chad Deiter Company. The good thing is everything was completed start to finish in under three weeks. This was a very well orchestrated repair by the homeowners they did very well to get their kitchen back in working order. The major controlling factor they had was the fact that they used local contractors on the project. In our opinion this is definitely a plus on a job that has a lot of trips to complete. Since not too many companies can usually do everything right away it helps to plan with the trades to get the work accomplished.

First thing that was done is the old back splash was removed right before the granite was taken out . After they removed the granite the cabinets guys came in and removed all the cabinets.

The next was to have the drywall guys came in to re-drywall and texture all the areas that got damaged. I had them do this nice and flat since Chad Deiter Company was installing a nice tumbled marble mosaic back splash on this job. Once that was done the new cabinets went back in and the granite followed the day after.

The granite that was put back was Juparana St. Cecilia with a tumbled Alexandria 2×2 Back Splash. The backsplash also had some very nice Honey Onyx. Chad Deiter Company used both the small Onyx 1×2 Rhomboid and the Onyx Dome Liner for accents in the back splash.

When we were done the painters took over and went ahead and did a faux finish on the walls while the electricians and plumbers completed their work on the rest of the kitchen.

Chad Deiter Company serves Temecula, Murrieta , Menifee , Canyon Lake and other surrounding areas. We can make any kitchen the one of your dreams with a little planning and execution.

Enjoy the pictures,

Hydro-Ban Tiled Shower in La Cresta/Temecula, CA

Just wanted to do a blog post about another waterproofing system that we use on our steam showers. Hydro-Ban waterproofing is made by the company Laticrete. This a great load bearing waterproofing that can be applied over cement board or a cement floated shower. We prefer the cement floated  method and this combination makes for an absolutely fabulous shower. I usually use this system on showers with radius seats or walls. Liquid applied membranes were made for this in my opinion. Here are some pictures of the step by step progress from the studs to a water-proof shower ready for the tile installation.

Tile and Tile Design was done by Different By Design in Murrieta, CA.  Great local place that has a bunch of different tiles to choose from.

Fiberglass Pan Replacement in Temecula,CA by CDC

About six months ago we looked at a job for a couple who had a fiberglass pan that was leaking. So after some tracking down by the homeowner of the tiles we finally have repaired the leaking pan for them. We tore out the old fiberglass pan and made it a tile shower pan. I’m gonna post some pics of the progress from beginning to end of the project.

Chad from Chad Deiter Company

White Subway Tile Repair and Upgrade in Temecula,CA by Chad Deiter Company

Here at Chad Deiter Company we recently got a call from a homeowner that had some tile work done when he moved into his house. Our company did not do the original tile work but he was referred to us from a local tile store. So we took a look at it and came up with a plan of what we could to make this shower the way the homeowner wanted it to be. Below are the steps of what it took to get the job to finished.

Step 1. This involved cutting the existing grout joints and removing all the old tile and thin set all the way down to the cemented walls. This is a very tedious process but it has to be done to ensure that the new tile is flat.

Step 2. This was the tiling step. Chad Deiter Company went ahead and re-tiled a portion of the 3×6 sub way tile and the added a nicer 6×6 diagonal border at eye level.

The homeowner also had us re-tile the shower pan because the original was white and he wanted something a little easier maintenance wise.

Step 3. Finally all the tiling was complete we just had to grout everything up.

I wanted to do this write up because sometimes you feel that your stuck with what you have and think that it’s gonna be really expensive to spruce up your existing shower.  Honestly it is tricky but it can be done. Just look at the difference Chad Deiter Company made for this homeowners Master Shower in just a day and a half.

Chad’s Favorite Tile Installation Products ?

When I can use the product that I want to and nothing is spec’d out from the architect or designer. I choose to use Laticrete products for my installs. Laticrete makes a variety of top notch tile products.

The best thing about Laticrete is their Research and Development department that does all the necessary testing before products go into the field. This is different than some other companies in the industry that just put their products into the field and when they have problems the just recall them then. Laticrete is not that kind of company and I have personally talked to several Sales Reps and even the Owners about their vision of the tile industry.

So whether you choose Laticrete Thin-sets , Spectra Lock Grouts or their awesome Waterproofing Membranes you can be assured that the time has been put in to give you the best product that Laticrete can offer.

Take care ,      Laticrete Logo

Chad’s 5 Top Reasons to choose Tile !!

So why would you pick tile?       Here’s 5 reasons why tile is a good choice.

1. Durability : Tile is more durable than both carpet and wood flooring . Making it a superior choice for high traffic areas.

2. Selection : There are countless color and design options when tile is picked. There is also a range of quality options and layouts which can affect the price point for your project.

3. Versatility : Tile is a versatile medium it can be used on floors,walls ,ceilings and everything in between. So if you want the counter top and the floor to match or even be the same it’s no problem.

4. Designable : There are virtually thousands of accents, liners , dots etc. that can be added to the field tile to make the final product your own. So you let your inner designer come out and put some personal touches into your tile project.

5. Repairable : This is by far the best thing about tile. If you damage a tile in the middle of the floor it can be replaced so you wouldn’t even know it ever happened. Try that with a carpet stain !

Chad D.